Awakening Value

Perceived choices lie beyond the boundaries of modern awareness. This leaves us in a difficult position in understanding meaning and value. Without awareness flowing into deeper levels of human consciousness, where meaning and value are generated, we don’t know as much as we think we do about the choices we make. We call the process of becoming aware Awakening Value™. We choose what we value, and we value what has meaning. Human consciousness devotes a lot of time and energy to generating meaning, just so we can recognize, choose, and act on the most valuable opportunities for thriving. That’s what we’re wired for – making meaning and thriving. The wiring for thriving in the modern world is tangled, and we’ve lost the flow of awareness that highlights inter-connectedness. This leaves us unable to forecast certain types of consequences. We aren’t able to evolve new types of meaning and value properly. We’re left dependent on linear consciousness, which, by itself, lacks visionary skill. This is why we see so many unintended and unfortunate consequences emerging in the world, especially in organizations and complex systems. And this is why we’re having such a hard time taking new actions that produce innovative outcomes. There’s never been a better time to reawaken at the level of consciousness where true meaning and value are created.