Tesla – Consciousness in Action

Tesla’s recent release of its patents is being praised as a great leadership move, and it is, but what we need to recognize is that it’s not so much a strategic move as a dramatic shift in consciousness at the leadership level of Tesla. Full consciousness and collectivity are only achieved through release moves, and this is a literal example. This shift of consciousness at Tesla now allows the principle of membership, rather than ownership, to define access to innovative knowledge. [Membership is a key organizing principle of full consciousness and is key to enhanced innovation and value creation. Embodying the membership principle in an organization’s culture will carry it well beyond the concepts of shared mission and shared value, to much deeper collaborative possibilities. See awakeningvalue.com for more on this.] Tesla’s action will undoubtedly spark a previously unattainable distribution of creative power, which, in turn, will generate possibilities for new types of collaboration and collective action. When leadership makes a truly conscious shift, visionary collaboration and higher innovation will be natural outcomes. You won’t need competitive strategy to get there.