My recent response to a LinkedIn HBR discussion on Business Education

The discussion centered on The Renaissance We Need in Business Education

Top contributor Miriam Riad said: “The business leaders who will succeed in the coming decade will be notable for their holistic thinking, global perspectives, international experience, multilingual capabilities, technological familiarity, entrepreneurial mindset, creativity, and ability to deal productively with complexity and chaos.” She is totally correct, and to shed light on how future successful leaders can cultivate these notable qualities with precision, here’s the response I posted:

I agree with Miriam Riad’s concise description of the attributes successful leaders need going forward. What many are afraid to recognize is that these attributes are all outcomes of cultivating full consciousness, which is a specific state of awareness naturally attuned to producing new meaning, value, and choice – at scale. This suggests that business schools should add training in the workings of human consciousness – in particular as it applies to business – in order to secure future entrepreneurs and corporate officers a place at the leading edge of value creation.

The attributes Riad lists can rise spontaneously in people, and to be sure we see this happening, but instead of waiting for spontaneous success, let’s consider that the precise principles of full consciousness can be taught. Further, they can be embodied, mastered, and begin to generate naturally conscious behaviors throughout an organization.

Without education in the underlying principles of consciousness [something that used to be a key part in maintaining human cultural integrity and thriving] we are relying on chance without realizing it, and missing most of our capacity for innovation and growth. One of the most devastating outcomes of this chance-based behavior is the wasting of untold amounts of time and money on misguided strategic planning and feasibility studies. Using the principles of consciousness insures that value-laden, inventive, and enduring action plans are knowable and known before resources are spent on trying to prove their worth.

It’s time we realize that consciousness for humans is a precise ‘technology’ and we are designed to apply this technology for our thriving. We also need to remember that our thriving is an inextricable component of thriving in all global systems.

We can certainly start by educating our future leaders who are now in gaining their degrees in business schools – but we need to extend the education to our current leaders in business, government, and finance.

Imagine a specific ‘leadership empowerment process’ that is based in mastery of the organizing principles of consciousness, and how they function as an innovative matrix for value creation. These principles are not widely known, and we have a tendency to believe we already know enough, so we unwittingly limit our availability to additional this key knowledge. But bypassing this timeless body of knowledge about how our consciousness actually functions is severely limiting our capacity to bring dynamic and peaceful prosperity to the world.

We need to add to business education both awareness training [this is very different from mindfulness training] and in-depth study and mastery of the organizing principles consciousness. This level of training will imbue both our future leaders and our current leaders with ‘precision consciousness’, which unleashes the best in human ingenuity and our capacity for successful living.

Many people are looking at uniquely successful businesses and talking about conscious business and conscious capitalism, but these conversations are happening in lag-time. We can see after the fact that a leader or a company has done something differently, and it might, in fact, be ‘conscious’, but the principles that have organized that leader’s awareness and resources to create these profitable exceptions are unknown to him and his organization. So the we share stories may be uplifting but without knowing the underlying principles, how do you create your own story? Someone else’s success doesn’t necessarily tell you how to succeed in your own business.

To consciously design successful strategies moving forward we need to work from the source principles that produce those strategies instead of trying to copy the apparent outcomes. And this skill should be developed in business schools as well as continuing mastery sessions for those already in leadership positions.

Tesla – Consciousness in Action

Tesla’s recent release of its patents is being praised as a great leadership move, and it is, but what we need to recognize is that it’s not so much a strategic move as a dramatic shift in consciousness at the leadership level of Tesla. Full consciousness and collectivity are only achieved through release moves, and this is a literal example. This shift of consciousness at Tesla now allows the principle of membership, rather than ownership, to define access to innovative knowledge. [Membership is a key organizing principle of full consciousness and is key to enhanced innovation and value creation. Embodying the membership principle in an organization’s culture will carry it well beyond the concepts of shared mission and shared value, to much deeper collaborative possibilities. See for more on this.] Tesla’s action will undoubtedly spark a previously unattainable distribution of creative power, which, in turn, will generate possibilities for new types of collaboration and collective action. When leadership makes a truly conscious shift, visionary collaboration and higher innovation will be natural outcomes. You won’t need competitive strategy to get there.

Awakening Value

Perceived choices lie beyond the boundaries of modern awareness. This leaves us in a difficult position in understanding meaning and value. Without awareness flowing into deeper levels of human consciousness, where meaning and value are generated, we don’t know as much as we think we do about the choices we make. We call the process of becoming aware Awakening Value™. We choose what we value, and we value what has meaning. Human consciousness devotes a lot of time and energy to generating meaning, just so we can recognize, choose, and act on the most valuable opportunities for thriving. That’s what we’re wired for – making meaning and thriving. The wiring for thriving in the modern world is tangled, and we’ve lost the flow of awareness that highlights inter-connectedness. This leaves us unable to forecast certain types of consequences. We aren’t able to evolve new types of meaning and value properly. We’re left dependent on linear consciousness, which, by itself, lacks visionary skill. This is why we see so many unintended and unfortunate consequences emerging in the world, especially in organizations and complex systems. And this is why we’re having such a hard time taking new actions that produce innovative outcomes. There’s never been a better time to reawaken at the level of consciousness where true meaning and value are created.